10 questions for your Life Insurance agent before finalising any policy

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Insurance has come to become one of the most popular service sector in today’s times. It is a known fact that out of the many insurance policies that are available in the market, life insurance happens to be deemed king of the lot. Life is the most unpredictable aspect associated with any human being at large, which is exactly why insuring the same becomes a must. However, all said and done, irrespective of the importance of life insurance policy, many a times people are seen delaying their decision regarding the same because often they tend to be confused as to which alternative to opt for among the various options that are available in the market. In order, to make this particular task even more easier for you we will be sharing with you the ten essential questions, which if you ask your life insurance agent before finalizing the policy can help you in many many ways.

Any and every time when you buy a life insurance policy, it is but obvious that you will be having a long term working relationship with the life insurance agent with whom you choose to close the deal. Hence, at a very basic level, the first question that you will be required to shoot at your agent is some general details regarding him or her. This will help you to eventually figure out the credentials of that particular agent.

Once you have collected sufficient information regarding that particular life insurance agent, the second question that you need to necessarily ask is about the history of the insurance company offering the policy. This is essential in order to make a well-informed decision.

As soon as you are sure about the insurance agent as well as the insurance company, your third question can focus on the estimated value of the insurance cover that is likely to be required by you. A near accurate answer to the same will help you to enjoy absolute coverage against risks.

You all must be very well aware that a good deal of customization is available as far as life insurance policies are concerned. This is exactly why a number of different life insurance policies are available in the market. Your fourth question can be about these various policies at large.

Once you have made up your mind on a particular life insurance policy  your fifth question can be regarding the different parameters associated with the life insurance policy of your choice. In general, this particular question is very important so as to get a clear idea about the policy that you have chosen.

The sixth question that you need to ask your insurance agent is regarding the procedure that needs to be followed in order to make a claim. This happens to be one of the most vital areas associated with a life insurance policy and thus complete knowledge regarding the same becomes a must.

There are many instances in which the policy holder remains alive even on maturity of the policy. In this case, reviving the claims carries a very different procedure and thus it is essential for you to acquire information regarding the same in your seventh question.

In your eight question you need to ask your insurance agent as to whether or not the life insurance policy is convertible. You also need to get other information related to the same such as the time limit and charges if any.

Your ninth question needs to necessarily focus on the rights of the policyholder in general. This is essential so as to make sure that your actions are within the laid terms and conditions of that particular insurance service provider.

Last, but not the least your tenth question can be regarding any add-ons that are offered with a particular life insurance policy. Apart from the above mentioned questions you can also ask some additional questions in order to get your mind cleared.

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