Why you should never lie about your Health details while buying Health Insurance?

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Insurance is one such service sector that has witnessed tremendous growth in the last few years. A good number of people have started opting for some or the other insurance policy as on date. Out of the many insurance policies that are available in the market one particular policy that has been successful in attracting a large number of people out there is none other than health insurance. Health insurance happens to be one such policy that has a good number of dimensions attached to it.

It is a known fact that insurance service providers tend to take into consideration a number of parameters before deciding upon the premium amount that is payable by the insured. Furthermore, at the time when the claim is made by the policyholder once again a number of aspects are highlighted in order to ensure that the end result is nothing, but a fair claim. However, one mistake that a large number of people end up doing is that they fail to divulge all the necessary details. Moreover, there are loopholes in the information provided by them. In reality, this ends up becoming detrimental in the interest of both the insurance service provider as well as the policyholder. Hence, in order to clear this particular element in further depth we will be discussing some points that will help you to be upfront with your insurance service provider, next time when you decide to get yourself a health insurance policy.

Many people are of the opinion that if they are successful in fooling the insurance service provider by divulging only part of their health details and a policy agreement is made, then in no case the insurance service provider can deny the claim. However, this is nothing, but an ignorance filled misconception. The fact still remains that if you manage to get yourself a health insurance policy by hiding the health complexities that are associated with you and if a medical emergency arises and at the same time the hidden information comes to the notice of your insurance service provider, then in that case your insurance service provider can have an absolute right to deny your claim on the grounds of insufficient information provision. Hence, at a very basic level this is one very crucial reason that pushes you against hiding or lying about your health details while applying for health insurance.

Furthermore, an insurance service provider is known to play a central role in assisting you in times of crisis. At a very broad level, an insurance agreement tends to involve nothing, but a good amount of trust. Hence, as a policyholder it becomes your moral duty to be honest to your insurance service provider and avoid misguiding them. If you end up doing something like that, then in that case you will be shunning away the trust element that is involved in your agreement, thus bringing down the overall essence of an insurance policy. Moreover, this can be counted as another vital reason that is believed to motivate individuals to give away all the correct information in the long run. All said and done, we can simply conclude that hiding information and lying about your health details while applying for health insurance is nothing, but an extremely bad idea.

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