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Why should I invest in Moneyback Life Insurance Policy?

Protection, Regular Income & Your Moneyback, Tax Saving & more in one plan. This plan can be described as ‘Single Battery Double Power’. Get both - the benefits of life insurance and regular income with tax benefits because this plan is twice as nice! You can start getting your income from the 5th year of your policy all the way till you’re 99!

Get served the way you prefer. Choose when you want to get your income from multiple options. By choosing Early Income you can start getting your Guaranteed Income from the end of your 5th policy year. If you choose the Deferred Income option, you start receiving income a year after the policy paying term ends.

Guaranteed* income starting till 99 years

Start Earning Income starting from 5th year of your life insurance policy and the Deferred Income option gives it a year after your policy term ends.

It’s got a Life Insurance Cover with added benefits

Get Life Insurance Cover. Regular Income, Capital Protection & Tax Saving. Compare the Best Investment Income Plans Now.

Protection & Income for your family

This plan gives you the power to give your partner, your kids and grand kids , “financial assistance Until 99 years of age”.

Moneyback Life Insurance Policy - Plan a income for life & save tax

Insurance can be considered to be one of the booming service sectors in recent times. There has been tremendous rise in the number of insurance players both public as well as private in the market. So also the number of people who are opting for the various insurance policies is on the rise. The insurance companies have come to realise that each and every individual tends to have a different requirement altogether. Hence, in order to fit the bill of as many individuals as possible insurance companies have come up with a wide array of policies. One of these policies is the Money back policy.

Let us first understand what a money back policy is. In a layman’s language, money back policy happens to be a type of life insurance policy, which is known to not just offer coverage against risks, but also tends to provide returns to individuals at particular time intervals. In simple words, you as a policyholder of the Money back policy will get the opportunity of enjoying a fixed percentage of payout at particular periods coupled with the maturity gains. Hence, we can easily come to the conclusion that Money back policies play an essential role in helping you achieve both your short term as well as long term financial and security goals.

The Money back policy particularly stands out for its certain peculiar features and benefits. First and foremost is the unique design of this policy that we just stated above. Moreover, under this policy the policyholder gets access to sufficient lump sum amount at particular time periods, while on the other hand in case of the death of the life assured the complete sum of money that is insured goes to the nominee irrespective of the previous survival gains.

An additional and important feature of money back policies is that in the event of death at any time during the term of the policy, the death claim comprises full sum assured without deducting any of the survival benefit amounts.The insurance premium of Money Back Policies are higher than Term Insurance Policy because in Term Insurance there is no survival benefits after the expiry of the insurance period. Money Back Insurance Policies are good for people who want to Insure their life and also want to some return from their investment's at a later date. The return from investments in Money Back Policies would range between 5% to 8% anually depending on the interest rate movements.

Apart from this, another outstanding characteristic of this particular policy is the bonus that is given to the policyholder. In order to be eligible to enjoy the survival gains it is crucial for you to make all the premium payments regularly and on time. Like in case of other policies even in this policy one is required to stop paying the premium either on one’s death or the expiry of the policy, whichever event takes place earlier.

One important benefit of the Money back policy is that it takes care of the security needs of the nominee or the family of the policyholder in case of his or her death. Apart from this, since the Money back policy tends to provide liquid cash to you at different occasions it eventually assists you in meeting your financial requirements. Similarly, if you opt for the Money back policy then, you can seek for tax deduction under Section 80C.

The only glitch with the Money back policy is its lack of flexibility. If you have opted for the Money back policy with x amount as the insurance cover then in that case you are not allowed to alter the same in due course. Thus we can conclude that if anyone you is looking for a differential policy that can do much more for you apart from just providing coverage against risks and uncertainties then, it is time for you to go and enroll yourself for the Money back policy.

Compare Moneyback Life Insurance Income Plans.
Enjoy Regular Secure Income & Enjoy Tax Saving.

Plan Rs. 36K/ 40K / 45K / 50K or above monthly Moneyback Income.
Plans starting @ Rs. 3499 pm*.

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Family Income Benefit

This plan is like a security blanket for the family.

Assured* Income

Life Insurance Traditional Policy With Assured Income.

Tax Saving Advantage

Save tax on the premiums you pay & create wealth for your family.

Options of Riders

Enhance your moneyback Insurance Plan with additional benefits in the form of riders.

Loan Facility*

Plan offers you the choice to avail of a loan for urgent need of cash flow.*

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Absolutely Free no-obligation to buy quote for moneyback life insurance policy.

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